Samsung’s official Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Clear View cases scratch your screen more than they protect it

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View case scratches

Doesn’t matter if your smartphone’s screen is made of Gorilla Glass 1 or 4 — they’re still prone to scratches. Now, we’re not going to attach a “gate” at the end of this one (we know how much you guys hate it), but it seems Samsung’s own official Clear View case could actually do more damage to your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge than if you left your display completely bare.

Some users on XDA are reporting tiny little scratches or pits on their glass screens caused by tiny dirt or dust particles that fall in between the display and the plastic clear case. This isn’t exactly an uncommon issue. Ask anyone that’s used a hard plastic case — the ones that only cover the back — on any previous phone and they’ll give you all kinds of horror stories about how the metal or plastic ended up with the exact same blemishes. How Samsung thought this would be a good idea on a flip case that covers the phone’s display with hard plastic is anyone’s guess. It’s just ironic how the very thing someone bought to protect their device, was its own undoing.

Might wanna think twice before buying one of these, or just double up with a screen protector as well.

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