Micro-Flip reversible Micro USB cable hits Kickstarter

Micro USB has always had the annoyance of being directional, meaning you can only plug it in one way. iPhone users have been enjoying a reversible cable for a while now, while we have to suffer with this small annoyance. Reversible USB Type-C is coming, but it’s still a ways away, and our old phones will still have the same old connectors.

To fix this issue, a Kickstarter has been opened for the Micro-Flip, a reversible Micro USB cable that works with pretty much all Micro USB devices. It can be inserted either way and still work, fixing this issue once and for all. Sure, it’ll become outdated in a few years, but for now it’s absolutely a cool product to have.

You can get yours for a limited time for only $12, while the regular price for the Kickstarter is $15. There are other tiers for multiple cables at a discount as well. Hit the source link if you want to check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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