Google adds path to send Google Maps directions from desktop to Android device


Google seems to be working on a lot of small refinements to their apps lately to help make their use that much easier. A new update for Google Maps on the desktop works with the latest Google Maps update for Android devices to do that by easing the process of sharing directions you look up on the desktop to your Android device.

In the past, users who looked up a location on the desktop would have to do a new search for the same place when launching the Google Maps app on their device. This was not too terribly complicated as the location would appear in the recent history listing. Still, this took some extra steps to get everything loaded up and ready for navigation or providing directions.

In this latest update, users will see they have a new link in the information card that shows on desktop maps “Send to device…” Selecting this opens a small dialog box where users can select which one of their devices to use.


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On the receiving Android device, users get a notification listing the location that was sent. A couple options are available from the notification to either launch straight into navigation or view the directions. You can also tap on the location itself to pull up its information card in the Google Maps app.


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