The Pebble Time Steel goes into production this week, shipments begin later this month

In March, Pebble officially introduced the Pebble Time Steel, its high-end option for those that might not want to go with the regular Pebble Time variant.

While the Pebble Time Steel would see a delay in production and shipping when compared to the Pebble Time, the wait is almost over. The company has officially announced that production on the Pebble Time Steel kicks off this week and that shipments for the early backers will begin by the end of July.

For those that didn’t back the project immediately, Pebble says that shipping and tracking information for the Pebble Time Steel will arrive beginning in early August.

For some early buyers, Pebble is going to include the steel and leather bands with their Time Steel. For those that miss that window, though, Pebble will send out a steel band at a later date for those early backers. It’s a nice bonus, considering Pebble will only sell the steel band as an accessory at some point in the future.

For those that want to go for the regular Pebble Time, though, Best Buy opened pre-orders for the wearable not too long ago.

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