Pinball Ride – Free on Amazon Appstore 8/11/11 (Regularly 99 Cents)

Name: Pinball Ride

Play pinball on your phone or tablet with the same intensity you would if facing the over-stimulating, bell-ringing, illuminating machine itself.

Enter the Universe of Fast Cars and Fast Women
Pull the lever to the right of your screen to unleash your ball into the universe of high-profile, high-risk street racing. Energized music, 3D graphics, and real pinball sound effects set the pace for all-consumed gameplay. Tap the right side of the screen to activate your right paddle, and the left side to activate the left paddle. “Nudge” the table by tilting your phone when things start heating up. There’s no simulation for kicking; you shouldn’t be kicking pinball machines, anyway.

Accept the Challenges; Earn Rewards; Brag to Friends Take on multiple challenges relevant to the racing storyline. Race in a friendly duel, or accept a racing challenge against a gang. After it’s all said and done, offer a ride to a mini-skirted mistress on her way home from the club. The storyline creates opportunities to earn girl points, business contacts, multi-balls, airbags, bumper upgrades, achievements, and more.

Unlock Achievements and share your success on Facebook
In this pinball universe, you can be a lot of things: Skilled Shooter, Lady’s Man, Dragster. Become the master of the Nightlife, Car Chase, Tango of Death and more. All you have to do is unlock the achievement to prove it. Ready to unlock the Danger Zone? Complete the Final Duel without missing a ramp and voila, mission accomplished.

Friends let friends get in on the action. With the Facebook integration option, compete with your friends and publish your stories from the game. Send invites via e-mail and have them join the ride.

• Simulates a real pinball machine
• Energized music, 3D graphics, real pinball sound effects
• Street-racing storyline
• Multiple challenges and game modes
• Achievements
• Multi-balls, bumper upgrades, girl points, business contacts, and more
• Facebook integration

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New York Post – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8-10-11

Name: New York Post

In print since 1801, the New York Post is the oldest continually published daily newspaper in America. Now you can use your Android device to get the best headlines, sports coverage, and celebrity gossip from The Post, updated 24 hours a day.
The Post On the Go Navigating the New York Post Android Edition is easy and intuitive. The app’s home screen reveals the day’s top stories in a scrollable, vertical display. At the top of the home screen, you’ll see tabs that direct you to popular features of The Post, including the famous Page Six gossip section, The Best Sports in Town, and Photos, in addition to other popular sections.
Get Your Gossip Here First Page Six is famous for its up-to-the-minute, leave-no-stone-unturned approach to celebrity events. If a celebrity is in the headlines or making news, you can bet you’ll find timely information about him or her in this section.
The Best Sports in Town Whether you’re looking for news on the Yankees or curious about which free agent the Jets or Giants are going to sign, The Post’s coverage of New York sports is second to none.
Picture-perfect Always striking and often provocative, the Photos section is easy to get lost in. View compelling pictures covering such topics as news, celebrities, sports, and entertainment. Especially notable is Post Pix, an app-exclusive photo gallery featuring the day’s top photos. Who knows what you’ll find? One look and you’ll be hooked.
Opinion, NYC Local News, Entertainment, and More Explore the rest of The Post by navigating to the Sections tab. It’s a robust information source featuring articles by your favorite opinion writers, the NYPD Daily Blotter, Sally Brompton’s Horoscope, and the much-loved “Weird But True!” section among others.
An Important Note This app requires a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection to download content. It downloads updated content as soon as it opens, and it continues to load new content as long as you maintain a data connection. Without a data connection, the app will display content previously downloaded in the most recent update.
If you plan on being without a data connection, we suggest that you first tap the areas of content you’re interested in, especially photo galleries, for offline viewing.

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Best Games On Amazon Appstore for Under a Dollar

Here are a list of some premium games that you can get for the low low price of 99 cents. If you are looking for some great games at a great price check these out. Also for alittle bit of fun compare these prices to the same app on the Android Market. In most cases you will be looking at $2 or more, so enjoy the HALF OFF!

Name: Angry Birds (ad free)
Angry Birds is probably the most popular game out there. This is the ad free version that frees up your screen to hit the target a little more accurately. All for a measly 99 cents!

Download Link: (

Name: Cut the Rope (ad free)

Feed the Om Nom his candy to keep him happy, without all the ads. Cool physics based game where you have to cut the rome (obviously) at the right time to line up the fall.

Download Link: (

Name: Fruit Ninja (ad free)

Swipe the screen to be a Fruit Ninja. 3 modes of gameplay, arcade, zen and classic. Again, with no ads! Under a buck!

Download Link: (

Name: ZENONIA (ad free)

One of the first and arguably the best RPGs available for Android. Based on all of the classics from NES and SNES systems. All for under a buck!

Download Link: (

Name: ZENONIA 2 (ad free)

Sequel to the above game (duh). A vast improvement to the look of it. If you are more into some of the newer styled RPGs this would be the way to go, otherwise go with the first one.

Download Link: (

Name: Frogger (ad free)

The classic game of “get the from to the top of the screen”. All the stuff you know and love from the old school game, with a huge improvement in the graphics.

Download Link: (

Name: Pinball Deluxe (ad free)

Pinball was a mainstay before the world of video games, and now you can get it on your state of the art Android phone. For just 99 cents!

Download Link: (

Name: Hungry MonstR (ad free)

Keep the monsters away from your ice cream. There is a quick play (3 minutes) or the Endless Rainbow mode which is (wait for it…) endless.

Download Link: (

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Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro (ad free) – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8-9-11

Name: Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro (ad free)

A Thinking Player’s Dice Game
Lock ‘n’ Roll is a puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and intellectual skill. Learn the many combinations of dice and score big.

Roll four dice at a time and arrange them on a 4×4 grid. Place all four dice on the board in various combinations, according to number and color. Once you lock them down, they’re fixed in place.

As each round begins, your combinations are checked, and matches that qualify are cleared from the board, earning you points and making room for more dice to be carefully placed. Earn enough points, and be rewarded with a Joker. A Joker is a wildcard that adds whatever would be needed to make a full combo. The game keeps going until you can place no more dice.

Lock ‘n’ Roll: The Pro Version
This is the pro version of Lock ‘n’ Roll, with extra features and no ads. An undo feature lets you undo anything up to when you get more dice. Share your high scores online with high score leader boards.

Complete Tutorial and Instructions
Lock ‘n’ Roll comes with a complete tutorial and instructions for how to play. Make sure you understand which combinations of dice get cleared from the board and pay the most points.

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Wiz Kid Jr. – Free amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/8/11

Name: Wiz Kid Jr.

Defend your mana from a horde of hungry spirits in the arcade puzzle adventure Wiz Kid, Jr. With the guidance of the Elder Wizard, chain together totems to increase your mana while beating back a steady onslaught of hungry spirits. You lose if the spirits eat up too much mana, but if you hold those hungry spirits off for long enough, you just might become an Unstoppable Wizard!

Wiz Kid, Jr. isn’t your ordinary block-matching game. You must trace a single straight line of at least three totems of the same color to eliminate them. But these totems won’t be dismissed so easily. Six types of hungry spirits lurk within the totems to add mayhem to the gameplay.

Feeding Frenzy
Each dangerous spirits has its own special attack to thwart your magical housecleaning. Some spirits munch up your mana, while others are ticking time bombs that create even more spirits if not dealt with in time. As you go up the levels, even more powerful spirits await to challenge your magical skills.

Say Hello to My Little Friend
Fortunately, you can access four additional magic spells to send those hungry spirits packing. You start off with a hammer that can knock out one totem. This bludgeon comes in handy when there’s a hungry spirit munching away, and you have no way of getting rid of it. As you progress up the levels, you’ll earn more powerful board-clearing spells to let those spirits know you mean business. But keep careful track of your mana. You don’t have an unlimited supply.

Wiz Kid, Jr. comes with detailed instructions and two game modes. Classic Arcade is a traditional campaign. In Super Free Play, you can select wave speed, spirit anger, and any three spirits to combat. Super Free Play is a fun way to figure out the best method of fighting the spirits. You’ll also enjoy the old school arcade music and fun sound effects as you clear out those pesky spirits.

Reviews “This is quite a solid puzzle game. There are plenty of strategies to be discovered as you try to find the best way to eliminate the spirits while keeping your mana up. Lots of fun!” – Android Rundown

“Wiz Kid, Jr. is an excellent example of arcade puzzle design. From simple, solid gameplay, it creates a frantic, mesmerizing, and entirely unique experience…” – Pocket Gamer
“Overall, Wiz Kid Jr. is a stellar game. The scary, training wizard man up top looks great, as do all the stylized fonts and accents. It runs smooth as butter, and has a kickin’ soundtrack, to boot.” – Android Central

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Task Killers. The Good, Bad and Ugly

Task killers were something that at one point when you bought your phone you were told you needed. Now there are a lot of debates (ok maybe arguments) over what is the right thing.  In an attempt to enlighten the masses I have done a little research to help you make an informed decision. Comments are welcome, and please, correct me if I am misinformed..

From the way I understand it…  I am going to go through “A Day in the Life” of an Android app:  Let’s say you want to play a game. So you load up your Tank Hero app.  You are playing along, and in this example we will have you at work, and your boss walks into the room.  You quickly hit the Home key and pretend like nothing happened (nice reaction time). You app moves from an active status, to a paused status.  It’s not actually “killed” but it isn’t running, All of a sudden you get an email from your work email, and the alert goes off.  You grab your phone and check the email, which has a spreadsheet attached to it.  You open the attachment and get thrown back into work.

At this point you have forgotten all about the Tank Hero game, but your phone hasn’t.  As these other apps you started using needed the memory that the game was using, so it kills the app. But don’t fret, it kills the app nicely.  Actually I think that “kills” is a little harsh of a word. It is more like suspending. It closes the app, and attaches the state of the app – for most apps.  A good example of this is when you are in the web browser.  It will typically save the state of the app, so when you close the app (or Android closes it for you) it will pick up right where you left off.

Apps with a built in save feature can save to the last save.  A good example of this is one of my favorite games Worms HD.  It is a remake of a classic turn based artillery game in which you fight different teams of worms.  In that game, it autosaves at the end of every turn, so if you manually kill the task, it restarts at the beginning of the turn.  If you let the OS kill the task it will still do the same.

So back to the scenario… You boss is now out of sight, and you are all caught up on your work (well as caught up as you need to be for now) and you start thinking about that Tank Hero game again.  You go back into your apps and load up the game and start playing it, just like you had never left it.  All without really bogging down the memory of your phone.

I came across this chart that follows the life cycle of an app.

With all this technical mumbo-jumbo, where do task killers fit in.  A lot of people out there are strongly opinionated in the fact that task killers are bad and you shouldn’t use them.  I disagree.  I feel like there is a place on your phone for a task killer. If you are running a poorly coded app and it freezes up a task killer is a good option to unfreeze that frozen app, and a lot of times it is easier to use the app than it is to load up the Settings – Applications – Manage Applications menu.  A second reason to use a task killer is for people out there using an older Android version. The built in task management capabilities aren’t as good with 1.5 and 1.6 along with 2.0 and 2.1.  With these versions you may have luck with a task killer.

So, now is your chance to add your own $.02 to this discussion. Any comments, corrections or opinions.  I would love to hear/learn more about this…

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Spectrum Puzzles – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day

Name: Spectrum Puzzles

Admit it, you’re a puzzle freak. You like nothing better than to take a jumble of small images–or odd-shaped cardboard pieces, if you’re really old school–and produce a complete picture suitable for framing. Spectrum Puzzles for Android understands.

Plenty of Puzzlement
This is not your grandmother’s puzzle app (if indeed, your grandmother even has a smartphone). Spectrum features a wide variety of cool features. The basic object is to unscramble images by sliding pieces around the screen. The app comes preloaded with nearly 50 vibrant, high-quality images to put together. These images cover the “spectrum” from still-life photos and nature shots to buildings and machines.

An interesting aspect of this app is that the puzzles are presented in order from easiest to most difficult. The first few will be child’s play, but you’ll probably be muttering to yourself as you gradually unlock and tackle the tougher ones. You can, however, choose four different sizes for each puzzle, ranging from 12 to 48 pieces. In addition to being able to pick the size of the puzzle, there are three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. These determine whether or not the pieces lock into place when you put them in the right spot, or if they show colored borders to make it even easier to place them. In this way, you can make it easier or harder on yourself.

Get the Picture?
The images included in the app are great, but it’s a lot more fun to use your own photos from your phone. Snap or select a picture of your friends or an interesting object, import it into the app, and boom–you’ve got a unique puzzle to complete. Therefore, the number of puzzles you can tackle in this app is unlimited.

Other helpful features in the app are Reminders (so you can refresh your memory of what the final image looks like), Pause, Restart (reset and start over), and the ability to save your puzzle and come back later. Of course, you’ll get so hooked on Spectrum that you’ll probably never use this feature. Must. Finish. Puzzle!

Show Your Stuff
In addition to progressing through the increasingly difficult puzzles, you can set personal marks for how long each puzzle takes you and how many moves you need to solve it. These stats are tracked for each size puzzle, so you can actually set eight different records for each one. That’s nearly 400 total records to set, so you’d better download Spectrum and get going, pronto.

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Try Android apps before you buy them with Amazon’s Test Drive

Have you ever wanted to check out an app without having to buy it first?  Or simply wanted to see it in action and interact with it before you download it to your phone?  Sick of the not-so-generous 15 minute return period you get with the Android Market?  Well than you need to check out Amazon’s Test Drive.

Test Drive is basically an Android emulator that runs in your browser window.  It gives you a 30 minute window to try out the app, using your mouse as touch input and your keyboard to type, without having to buy anything, or download anything.  They have thousands of apps that you can do this with too.

So give it a shot and see what you think!


Refraction- Free Amazon App of the Day

Name: Refraction

Refraction satisfies your need for challenging puzzles that test your logic and patience.

The Objective
Each puzzle contains one or more static laser beam. Using mirrors or prisms, refract the colored laser to the circle of the same color. Various objects obstruct your path. The circle nor the source of the beam can be moved. The only way to manipulate the beam is by using the provided number of prisms and mirrors.

Depending on the color of the circle and laser, you may have to combine and split different colored lasers. This app uses pigment colors rather than light colors for refraction because pigment colors are an easier concept to grasp than light colors and accommodate the majority of users.

For example, if a puzzle has one yellow laser and one blue laser with one green circle and one yellow circle, you must combine lasers to create a green beam to reach the green circle.

The Solutions
Refraction features 120 levels with multiple solutions to each puzzle for the casual and hardcore players alike. You may like to solve a puzzle using the least amount of objects possible, or solve it with an amazing display of colors using lots of prisms and mirrors.

User Interface
The interface is accurate and simple, just like the logical gamer would want it. You won’t be distracted by silly music or non-essential flair. With the polished graphics and ultimate precision, you play the game, not fight it.

Refraction offers the ability to take screenshots from the app and save them to your SD card. To take a screenshot, tap Menu > Take Screenshot > Saves to SD Card at /Pictures/Refraction.

External storage permission is necessary to save screenshots. The wake lock permission allows you to turn off your screen’s auto-sleep which is off by default. The internet permission is for analytics tracking by Localytics.

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Alarm Clock Xtreme – Free Amazon Appstore App of the Day 8/5/11

Name: Alarm Clock Xtreme

Wake Up
Have you ever shrugged off your alarm clock, turning it off only to fall back asleep? Wake up gently and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme. This alarm clock includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed so you can get a productive start to the day. Alarm Clock Xtreme can even automatically disable itself when it detects that you’re traveling to work or school using GPS.

Conscious Calculations
Choose an unlimited number of alarms, set alarms to repeat, and let your music wake you up with a random song option. Set your morning alert to slowly increase the volume and wake you up in a soothing manner. Force yourself to do math in order to snooze or set the shake to snooze option. The snooze button is extra large, and you can even set a maximum number of snoozes.

Full Featured
This alarm clock includes the following features: unlimited alarms, repeating alarms, music alarm, random song alarm, gentle alarm volume ramp up, math to snooze/disable, shake to snooze/disable, minimum speed to disable, nap alarm with countdown timer, large snooze button, snooze 1-60 min, decrease snooze duration after each snooze, max number snoozes, auto-snooze, auto-dismiss, option to keep screen locked keeping the phone safe in your pocket, and analog alarm clock widget.

Do not install Alarm Clock Xtreme to the SD Card. The app will be unable to re-start automatically when the phone reboots or the SD Card is mounted/unmounted. This will cause you to miss alarms. Phone must be on for alarm to work.

Download Link: (

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