Teentor – Family Safety

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Teentor is a parental control solution that helps protecting your children from various threats in their everyday life. After installing it you will be able to:

+ Block any unwanted content (for example, games, various messenger apps, sites with pornographic images, etc.) on the device.
+ Monitor how the phone or tablet is used.

To start, simply install Teentor on your child’s tablet or phone and register an account at teentor.com (if not done already). You can register directly from the application. After this, select your child’s age in your parental Control Panel.

To get a year license you need to create a new account and enter it from the app.

Teentor collects information on how the phone / tablet is used, including:

+ Surfing history.
+ Application use.
+ Search requests.
+ GPS data (location of the device).
+ SMS (sent and received by the phone).
+ Incoming, outgoing, missing calls.
+ Contacts.

Knowing what your child is looking for on the internet is crucial for knowing his or her real needs. You can figure out the main interests of your child by taking a brief look at his/her browsing history. Teentor will also log all text messages sent and received by the phone, including the contact names, date and time, and the message itself.

With this app, you will know which calls your child makes and receives, and how his or her contact list changes.

To access information collected by Teentor, just log in to your Control Panel from any computer / device. In your parental Control Panel, you can also adjust monitoring and blocking settings.

Use Teentor to understand your child better!

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Adventures In the Air

Adventures in the Air is a unique sky adventure, combining a traditional endless running game with an exciting air combat shooting experience. The stunning visual graphics, along with great sound effects and animations, makes it a game you cannot afford to miss.

As an elite pilot, you must use your keen flight skills to maneuver your airplane over a mountain, canyon, and sky filled with dangerous obstacles. Most importantly, you must combat against the enemy “Boss” to survive and continue your mission. Stay out of danger, and you can achieve the highest scores and collect numerous coins, defining your legacy on the online leaderboards and owning the blue sky.

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Key Features:
• Smooth game control mechanics to effortlessly control the airplane for many difficult maneuverings
• Two game control modes – virtual joystick or accelerometer
• A machine gun to combat obstacles and enemy planes
• Many different types of airplanes to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. You can use power-ups to upgrade your plane
• Multiple levels of Bosses to fight against
• Multiple-player feature to compete with real players for more rewards (Facebook login required)
• Missions that you can complete to collect additional coins
• A Challenge system to challenge yourself to earn more coins
• Pre-defined tasks that will earn you more coins
• Google Play Game Services integration with leaderboards and achievements
• Support both Android phone and tablet

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Life Calculator

Ever wanted to know how many seconds you’ve lived so far? Or like how many hours you’ve slept, or exactly how many days you’ve got left till your next birthday?

Well you can now easily find that stuff out. All you need to do is enter your birthday date. Some of the calculations include:

– Week day of birth;
– What famous person shares a birthday with you and who is celebrating today;
– Your zodiac sign, as well as your Chinese year;
– Length that you walked in your lifetime;
– Amount of breaths taken;
– Amount of heartbeats made;
– And a whole lot more.

If anything of the above has you interested, then this application is for you.
Get to know fun stuff about your birthday and birthdays of others.

App features an easy way to change units from metric to imperial and remembers the last 5 birthdates that you entered.

More statistics coming soon!

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Attempting some classic gaming to beat the heat.


NoRoot Batch Uninstaller

Batch uninstall apps in 1 click! Without root permission.

Are you a person with lot of apps? Love installing and trying new apps? No time to uninstall one app after another?
You are lucky, You found us!

NoRoot Batch Uninstaller is a new unique kind of an app that allows user to select multiple apps for uninstalling and can uninstall selected apps in just one click. The best part, no root permission required!

So far there are apps that can do the same functionality with root permission, but hooray! we don’t need a root permission to achieve this. In short, Your life made simple!

Highlights of NoRoot Batch Uninstaller:

☆ No Root permission: Delivers same result as rooted batch uninstallers.
☆ Quick Uninstall: Select apps to uninstall, and tap Uninstall button. That it!
☆ Fast & Intuitive: Simple to use, super-fast and smooth UI, plus cool transition effects.

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