Scan, Safe-keep, Find Original Paper Documents, Share, Sign and more, Online & Off-line. With all cool features ALLDOX will keep you ‘ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY’.


Do your documents have an annoying habit of disappearing when you need them the most? Do you keep everything a little too safe to find it when you actually require them? Be it your Passport, Driver’s license, Certificates, Medical records, Pay stubs, Receipts and Warranties, Bills, Tickets and everything.

ALLDOX with a 3 month upgrade worth OLDPRICE is FREE when you sign up today!

Not anymore. Get ALLDOX, a powerful & secure tool to make you ‘ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY’! Scan, store, find & share them anytime, anywhere – in most secure way! With high level encryptions and bank like security protocols allDox is secure & private – its’ your ‘Electronic Safe Deposit Vault’ ! All your documents are hosted in AMAZON, one of the safest possible storage facility.

Available as Android, iOS and web app ( so that you stay connected with your key documents always.

No matter where in the world you are, this is an app that’s equally relevant everywhere. With a typical family with 1000+ documents and an estimated 50 new documents added every year—most of which require access about 25 times annually, this is a single point app for every document you will ever need.

ALLDOX is the solution to get you that missing control and make you super-organized with your life documents.

Everything about document management is here in this great tool, created with years of consumer insight & experiences of thousands of ALLDOX customers across the globe.

Key features:

• Upload, Manage & Search your documents from anywhere – you can even directly upload documents via mail using ‘AutoDox’, an unique feature created for busy users.

• Digitize (Scan) paper documents effortlessly with device camera or a scanner attached to your computer (when using web app).

• Manage and track paper documents – Never forget where you keep your paper documents, so safe that you don’t even remember where they are! Always remember to get your paper documents that you have given to someone else. allDox is your trusted virtual assistant.

• Alerts – Get alerts to pay your bills or to take your child for vaccination.

• Nomination – Documents are critical assets and they need to have a backup plan. Add a nominee to take care of your documents, in your absence.

• Offline Documents* – Access your documents even when you are not connected

• ShareDox* – Create a data room for easy and safe sharing for your document with others.

• LocalOnly* – Documents and their details will stay only on local device. You have a choice of not taking your documents to the cloud server.

• CodeLocker* – Add additional code to your folders for extra security.

• Two factor security – For a more secure account access.

• Sign* – No need to rush for a printer or scanner to sign a document.

(*Need upgrade)

And its’ simple, so simple that everyone can use it easy – as easy as 1-2-3.

ALLDOX is an easy and intelligent with high security and privacy through bank-like information security best practices including document encryptions, a two-factor authentication process and documents hosted in one of the safest possible place on earth- Amazon. Nobody, other than you, can or will see your documents. Safety and security of your documents are understandably important to you and of paramount concern to allDox.

Did we say it’s FREE! That’s right. Your ALLDOX account on Freedom Plan with cool features and 1 GB of space is FREE, and will always remain, free.

ALLDOX is available across all platforms—web app and mobile app for iPhone & Androids—so you are always in touch with your documents, Simple, Safe & Easy!

So what are you waiting for? Go get ALLDOX and be ALWAYS DOCUMENT READY, right now!

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Pirate Empire

Ahoy matey! Ready to take the helm and hoist the black flag on your very own vessel? Welcome to Pirate Empire, a 3D adventure game for enterprising buccaneers and fun-loving corsairs. Build and customize fearsome ships, recruit and train infamous sailors, and test your ship’s prowess in cutthroat raids and battles! Give your enemies no quarter and become the fiercest commander to sail the seven seas. Arrr!

20 Basic Manuals, 1 Gold Ticket, 1 Items Ticket and 200k Gold drop from $5.00 to FREE



● Strengthen your ship’s abilities by adding military, commercial, and entertainment cabins.

● Fix your ship after each battle and upgrade it to increase your stats.

● Purchase new ships and decorate them with swashbuckling skins and emblems.


● Hire sailors to man your ship and provide skills for battle.

● Upgrade your sailors, give them their ideal jobs and research their battle skills.

● Recruit legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Red Eric to your cause!


● Travel the seven seas and raid passing ships for loot and resources.

● Rise through the ranks in the Arena and become King of the Pirates.

● Unlock passive and active skills to use in battle.
R2Games Official Website:
R2Games Support:

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★Get the full version of the app free thanks to YL Computing and Android Giveaway of the Day!★

AndUtilities is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your Android performance. this suite contains utilities to clean your system cache, optimize memory and manage the apps installed on your device. it supports to uninstall the system apps, clean your call logs, SMS and clipboard data. Also includes many other features. With AndUtilities, your device will be faster and cleaner.

To unlock the Pro version please enter coupon code: XWAUNCG915

The following features have been included:

Clean System Cache Files (Cache Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove cache files to free up storage space and also improve the performance of your device.

Clean Background Processes (Memory Cleaner) – End redundant background apps that slow your phone down to boost your device.

Clean Call Logs and SMS (SMS Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove redundant call logs and SMS on your device.

Monitor & Clean Clipboard Data (Clipboard Cleaner) – Remove sensitive information such as passwords, usernames or credit card numbers from the clipboard.

Manage Apps (App Manager) – Manage everything about your apps with this utility, it allows users to uninstall, open details or disable the pre-installed apps.

Batch Uninstall Apps (App Batch Uninstaller) – Batch uninstall installed apps or system pre-installed apps.

Clean Web Browser History (Browser History Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove browser history entries from your device.

Clean APK Files (APK Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary APK files from your SD card

Clean Downloads Directory (Downloads Directory Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from downloads directory

Clean Bluetooth Folder (Bluetooth Folder Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from bluetooth directory

Clean Thumbnail Cache (Thumbnail Cache Cleaner) – Analyze and safely remove the temporary files from thumbnail cache directory

Clean Screenshots (Screenshots Cleaner) – Analyze and clean the screenshots from your SD card if necessary.

Clean Custom Files and Directories – Analyze and clean the custom files and directories from your SD card.

WhatsApp Cleaner – Analyze and clean WhatsApp Images, Audio, Video, Voice Notes and Backups

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Can You Develop an Eidetic Memory?
1 picture, 2 seconds and only one good word.

Memotic will challenge you on many aspects: your visual memory, your knowledge and your intuition.

Play with letters and your visual memory to go through the many challenges we have set-up for you.

Cumulate your progression to reach the top position on the GameCenter leaderboard.

Unlock all achievements and reach the top among the best of the best.

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3 – there we go! He’s all done. 🙂
Yoda Mini purse 6"×6"×6" with cross body strap.
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My art drawing from reference picture.