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SnowCam – snow effect camera

The most amazing photo app SnowCam is coming to Google Play at the 2014 Christmas Holiday.

During the wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday season, do you ever dream of white snow falling outside with you curl up by the cozy fireplace inside, drinking hot chocolate? Now you can no matter where you live, with the amazing SnowCam!

Amazing SnowCam uses our proprietary algorithm to turn an ordinary photo into an amazing cinemagraph (video) with the most realistic snow effect. The app will first lighten the photo background and then add a realistic snow animation. Snow will fall in the cinemagraph, and it will also magically accumulate on the ground, roof, and other surfaces.

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• The UI is super easy to use. Just snap a picture or pick a photo from your Photo library and you are ready to be creative.
• There are 10+ snow and winter filters that allow you to simulate snow, a blizzard, lightning, raindrops, and starlight effects
• You can tap on the Random effect to combine the snow and lightning into one
• 7 bonus Christmas frames perfect for the holidays
• Scroll through the application’s Collection gallery to see the resulting videos
• Save results (1 to 5 second videos) into your photo library
• Share results as a GIF or video with your friends via Sina Weibo, WeChat, and email
• Or share plain photo with your friends via Facebook and Twitter
• Support both Phone and Tablet

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Decorate your photos with a great number of stickers.

You can update existing photos from your gallery or you can take a new photo.

The app also includes photo editor functionality so you can update brightness, contrast and other aspects of the photo.

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We incorporate 20 original effects that emulates best films cameras:

* Brightness
* Contrast
* Saturation
* Blur
* Temperature
* Enhance
* Highlights
* Shadows
* Grain
* Crop
* Focus

Crop photos 4 presets is the only photo editor / photo effects tool that you need to create photos.

3 packs of best stickers* Love* Comics* Frames* Badges* Haircuts* Glasses

Crop photos 4 presets

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Make your pictures stand out from the same old thing that you typically post or share. Trimaginator allows you to unleash your creativity and turn your pictures into geometric Works of Art!

Trimaginator is inspired by the triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. Ok… the process behind is complicated, but to put it simple, the image is reduced to its essentials and turned into a triangle mesh: think cubism, simplified portraits, surreal geometric landscapes, think turning your face into a logo, or your cat’s face, or well… anything that has or doesn’t have a face!

After selecting an image, open the top right drawer and tap on a point generator to instantly turn your picture into a triangle mesh, tweak the result with your fingers by adding [ + ] or removing [ − ] intersection points, or start drawing from scratch [ × ] if you’re feeling wild!

You can also change the look of your triangles by using the bottom left panel and come back to changing the geometry while remaining in the selected style : cool, huh?

So what are you waiting for? Just play around and see what you can come up with!

* Install the app today to get the Trimaginator ▲ FREE! *


• Several point generators;
• Tons of rendering styles;
• Manual point drawing interface;
• PDF vector export (in-app purchase);

· Import any picture from your library;
· Take a new photo from within the app;
· Draw, Erase, Toggle intersection points;
· Zoom, Pan image for accurate point manipulation;
· Easily change point generator settings;
· Point density modifier;
· Rendering style modifiers: Blending and Outlines;
· Save image in original resolution;
· Share with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and more!
· Portrait and landscape modes are supported.

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