Kids vs Zombies TD

Best TD game with a lots of zombies and kids!

Awesome game for children!

Kids attacks zombies. Zombies are running away.

Your team is consist of boys and girls who attack zombies with candies, water guns and magic.

Protect your sandbox!

★★★ Kids vs Zombies TD ★★★
Awesome tower defense with great units and characters
★ Epic battles
★ Lot of running zombies, zombies on cars and flying zombies
★ 10 unique levels
★ 6 unique guns
★ 10 Unique enemies
★ Enemies are flying and walking
★ Upgrade your units in labaratory

Tower defense has never been so extreme and beautiful.

The best total Tower Defense you’ve ever seen with a huge amount of kids and zombies!

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Rovers Floating Launcher

Rovers will always be there with you, to create the PERFECT multitask utility on Android.
With Rovers you’ll always just one-click away from your favorite apps, shortcuts and actions.

Rovers as a floating launcher:
• Your favorite applications
• Android Shortcuts
• Rovers Actions (special one-click add-ons)
• Folders

Make Rovers your own by:
✓ Choose an icon for each Rover
✓ Change Rover’s color
✓ Organize your Rovers in Folders
✓ Hide the Floating Trigger on the notification panel
✓ Open Rovers Horizontally/Vertically
✓ ‘Edit-Mode’ by long press a Rover

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