I wonder what i will do at work tomorrow if my windows 10 update doesn’t work…


Ran out of whipped cream so I am suffering through my strawberry shortcake with ice cream.


New batch of Charlie’s Barley is almost ready for bottling. Even the cat loves it…


How old are you? Age guessing

This app DOES NOT determine the age of the person.


It allows you to SET the age of the friend and post it to Instagram.

You can have fun with your friends by

1. Shooting them.
2. Setting them an age (84 for your 20-age girlfriend)
3. Posting it to Instagram.

Again, the will not allow you to guess the age of your friend but you can set it to have fun with them!

Have fun!

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Click Wars

Ever wanted to arm wrestle a girl but were too afraid you were going to lose? Or maybe you can’t decide who should pay the tip or bill? Or you need a coin toss decision but everyone’s out of coins?

Well here’s your answer: Click Wars! Settle those disputes with your mates the true geek way. See which one of you clicks the fastest! Loser buys the beer :)

Click wars also has an engaging single player game, where you need to earn bonuses to have any chance of posting the highest score possible. Be the fastest clicker in the office! Proudly wear that crown!As a side bonus, gives your arm a good workout!

Couple of games and you can eat that sandwich!

* Install the game today to get the ad-free version! *

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