Unlocked Galaxy S6 Receiving Android 5.1.1 Update

The rollout of Android 5.1.1 to unlocked Galaxy S6 models picked up over the weekend. This update first started rolling out to unlocked models in India a week or so ago, but now is hitting devices in additional countries, like here in the US. At least that’s the case with my unlocked Galaxy S6 (SM-G920I). I would assume this is available for the Edge variant as well.

The update above, which ends up as G920IDVU2COF8, showed up as a whopping 609MB file that took some time to install. 

Overall, there isn’t much to the update outside of quicker exposure controls in the camera, alphabetical sorting in the app drawer, and the ability to remove those stupid S Finder and Quick Connect buttons in your notification shade. The the rest should be bug fixes and other improvements here or there.

To grab the update head into Settings>About device>Software update.

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ASUS ZenPad 8.0 S now available in the United States for $199 at Best Buy

asus zenpad 8

ASUS has an 8-inch tablet going up for sale in the United States today. It’s the ZenPad 8.0 S, and it’ll be available for those who don’t mid doing business with Best Buy.

This 8-inch $200 Android tablet comes with 2048 x 1536 resolution, 32GB of RAM, Intel’s quad-core 1.33GHz Atom Z3530 chipset, 32GB of RAM with microSD, 2GB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera on the rear, a 2 megapixel camera on the front + more. It’ll come with Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box, too, so you’ll be on the latest version of Android.

You can get it shipped to you for free, or use pickup in-store if you want to head in and grab it today. Note that some Best Buy stores may not be receiving units until later this week, so be sure to check inventory before you head through checkout.

ASUS ZenPad 8.0 S at Best Buy

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Report: Galaxy Note 5 Confirmed to Feature 4GB of RAM, Exynos 7422 SoC

According to the good folks at SamMobile, a few specs for the Galaxy Note 5 have been confirmed by sources. As reported, the Note 5 will feature 4GB of RAM – aligning with the announcement of Samsung’s manufacturing of said memory – as well as Samsung’s new Exynos 7422 SoC.

A large amount of RAM is surely welcomed, but the Exynos 7422 should also have Note fans excited. This particular SoC features a single-chip solution, combining an Octa-core 64-bit CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and Shannon 333 LTE modem all into the same package. In terms of performance, the Galaxy Note 5 is lining up to be absolutely dominant in benchmarks. 

Additional reports declare that the Note 5 will feature a 5.67″ Super AMOLED QHD display, on top of a reworked design – much like we saw with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. As for the Note 5 not featuring a microSD slot or removable battery, that information is currently up in the air until we have official details from Samsung or a reputable leak happens. The truth is, until a phone is official, all potentially “confirmed” specs need to be taken with a whole salt shaker.

We are nearing the device’s unveiling, reported to be around mid-August, but in the comments section below, list out what would make the perfect Note 5 for you. Feel free to include ludicrous wishes, such as stock Android instead of TouchWiz.

Via: SamMobile [2]

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Take the Mushroom Wars into Space with new game, now on Android

If you enjoyed the first installment of the Mushroom Wars, the new storyline will send you into orbit as the little Mushroom warriors now try to conquer other planets. The new game called Mushroom Wars: Space! continues where the first game left off, but now you get to deal with aliens, inter-planetary travel, and all sorts of space shenanigans in this popular real-time strategy game, originally available on the Playstation, but now ready for your Android devices.

In this new game, you get to take the Mushroom people on a space journey, as they aim to not just unite other mushroom tribes, but conquer different planets as well, and then stay and defend their property. There are several mission objectives that you’d need to fulfill, but part of the game is also conquering and defending your armories and towers. The game has several playing modes, including a PvE campaign mode where you get to battle in 40 new missions across the new planets and asteroids of the Mushroom Universe.

There is also the Synchronous Multiplayer mode where you get to play in more than 30 balanced maps against 2-4 players who are online playing the game as well. As you progress in the game, you also get to have new difficulty modes available for you. You would also need to use Strategic Resource Management in this game as your mushroom units are both fighting units and a resource you can use to upgrade and strengthen your towers and strongholds.

Mushroom Wars: Space! is available as a free download in the Google Play Store. It is ad-supported, but is considered a family-friendly app. There are also some in-app purchases available.


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Samsung Patents Capacitive Buttons on Edge of Phone

Samsung sensor pads

Samsung recently filed a US patent (No. 20150192989) for capacitive touch-buttons on the side frame of a smartphone. In its patent application, it shows buttons that can be scripted to perform different functions for different apps—for instance, turning on/off flash for your camera, or changing gears in a racing game.

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New unpatched vulnerabilities uncovered in Flash, Java

Watch where you point those web browsers: Oracle’s Java and Adobe’s Flash are both subjects of new zero-day vulnerabilities. As Ars Technica reports, a hole in Java and two more Flash weaknesses have been unearthed as part of the Hacking Team data leak.

The Java hole may be the most troublesome. Anti-virus maker Trend Micro warns on its corporate blog that it has detected email messages exploiting the vulnerability addressed to both a NATO …

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HTC’s Grip Fitness Band, the One You Assumed was Cancelled, Might Almost be Here!

Everyone remember the HTC Grip? No? Vaguely? The HTC Grip was the fitness band that HTC introduced during their One M9 keynote at MWC. The band was made in partnership with Under Armour and should have launched at some point in the Spring. At least, that’s what HTC told us to expect and is still today what their website for the Grip says. Of course, we are in the middle of the Summer now, so it’s probably time for HTC or someone to update that.

I’ve got to be honest in saying that I assumed that this HTC Grip was either out already and no one knew, or it had been cancelled. Then again, Razer’s Nabu saw a year-long delay before eventually launching. Maybe fitness bands are hard? 

Anyways, I bring it up today because it appears to have stopped off at Bluetooth SIG for certification within the last couple of days. The product is a “fitness band” made by HTC that was created at some point around March 4, according to this listing. That certainly makes sense, since the HTC Grip was announced on March 1.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 9.38.32 AM

As a recap, the HTC Grip is a fitness band that connects to Android or iPhones via Bluetooth, has a built-in GPS, is powered by Under Armor Record (UA’s fitness and social platform), and should last up to 2.5 days on a single charge, but only 5 hours with GPS enabled. It could be a decent fitness band, assuming it isn’t two years late to the party.

Via:  Bluetooth SIG
Cheers Justin!

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Asus’ slim and sharp ZenPad S tablet arrives in the US

Asus’ newest Zenpad has arrived in the U.S. The Zenpad (model#: Z580C-B1-BK) contains a quad-core, Intel Atom Z3530 processor clocked at 1.33GHz, 2GB of LPDDR3, RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 5MP rear-facing camera, a 2MP front-facing camera, and Android 5.1.

The display perhaps is the selling point of the device with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. With a resolution like this on a screen of this size, it’s likely that Asus did this to compete with the iPad Mini 2.

Source: Best Buy via Engadget

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