Masters of the Universe Origins Unboxing #1 – Battle Armor He Man

Hey YouTube! I have always been a HUGE fan of Masters of the Universe and I was so excited when this Masters of the Universe Origins series came out. I was wandering through Wal-Mart and came across the original He-Man figure and couldn’t help myself. Then from that point a new figure seemed to follow me home every time I went to the store.

Now I am the owner of a significant collection of unboxed figures, vehicles, accessories, and even the castle. I didn’t want to leave them all just sitting there in the boxes. I figured the best way to enjoy them was to open them all, and the best way to open them all is to record the process and share it with the world.

So enjoy these videos. I plan on continuing to add to the collection as I unbox, so don’t feel limited by what is there now.  Also please give the video a thumbs up and click that subscribe button! Plus keep an eye out at for the upcoming Charlie and Friends podcast.