5 months after release, Android Lollipop is on just 5.4% of devices


It’s time once again to check in on Android distribution numbers. Google has released the stats for this month. As expected, Android Lollipop is on slightly more devices. Last month Lollipop was on 3.3% of devices, and now it’s up to 5.4%. We should see this number increase a lot more next month after the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 have been available longer.

For those of you paying extra close attention you can see that Android 5.1 is only on 0.4% of devices. KitKat and Jelly Bean are still leading the way with over 80% of the pie. It’s no surprise that Android updates take a while to reach devices, but these charts don’t always tell the whole story. “Lollipop” is really Google’s own version of Android, just like TouchWiz or Sense. It’s not fair to expect other manufacturers to be on the same level as Nexus devices.

Hopefully next month we see more devices experiencing the sweet taste of Lollipop. Is your device running Lollipop yet?

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