A closer look at the LG G4’s improved camera [VIDEO]

lg g4 camera

One of the biggest focal points of the LG G4 event earlier today was the camera. The LG G3 had a very nice camera already, but LG didn’t want to stop there. They equipped the G4 with a 16MP camera, a f/1.8 sensor, and also a new “color spectrum” sensor. The G4 is also one of the first smartphones to take advantage of Lollipop’s new manual camera settings and RAW photos.

We were given demonstrations of a couple of the new camera features: low-light and the color sensor. For the low-light demonstration they used a Samsung Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, and LG G4. All three devices were attached to a box and pointed at a miniature dark scene. The G4 shows more detail when zoomed in and the colors are more vibrant, despite being a low-light photo.

The next demo is all about the color spectrum sensor. LG set up a Galaxy S6, a G4, and a G4 with the color sensor disabled, pointed at the same scene. Once again the colors look much more vibrant and true-to-life. The G4 with the sensor off still appears to take more vibrant photos than the Galaxy S6. You can also take advantage of the new manual controls to really get an exceptional photo.

All in all in looks like LG did a really nice job with the camera. People have been anointing the Galaxy S6 as “finally better than the iPhone,” so it should be interesting to see how the G4 stacks up. Are you impressed with the LG G4? We still don’t know pricing and availability, but we expect the typical $200 price tag on all carriers. Will you be picking one up?

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