Adventures in Apple

So I thought that I would come clean and get it right off my chest. I am in the process of purchasing an Apple computer on craigslist. I have made the arrangements to pick it up in the morning. It’s an older computer but it’s practically being given away, and with my netbook being dead (power cord – hopefully) and the desktop I just rebuilt not booting up I need something to get me through. It will be fun to mess around with it. I have only really worked with one while setting up peoples computers at Verizon.  This is an older Mac that is just going to be used for web surfing and blogging and emailing.  If it is a more powerful one (yes, I am buying it without knowing all the specs) I may try to do Hulu and Netflix through the TV.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it’s $20.

The other Apple product we attempted to buy was a Nike+ receiver for Maggie’s new iPod.

We bought it on Ebay a few weeks ago, and hadn’t received any word for it. I was doing a little research on it and as I was going through my Paypal account and I saw the name on the transaction for the initial payment.  I immediately remembered the name from a random piece of mail we had gotten. It looks like the seller shipped the wrong contents to us. He had sent us a form for buying stocks. I contacted him and we emailed back and forth a few times this evening and he credited it back to my account,  I wish it had all worked out, but at least the seller was cool. Fortunately for him there was no check or personal information mailed to a complete stranger… Now to decide what to do with the feedback…

So before I say some good and some bad, I will see how tomorrow goes.  hopefully smoothly and we can start looking for another Nike+ receiver.

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