Android 5.1.1 factory images arrive for Nexus 7 WiFi (2013 and 2012), Nexus 10

New Nexus 7 wm

Heads up, Nexus Tablet owners. It appears Android 5.1.1 is gearing up for a rollout. Factory images for 5.1.1 (build number LMY47V) on the WiFi versions of the original Nexus 7 (2012), Nexus 7 2013, and Nexus 10 have all been uploaded to Google’s factory images page. You can either get a jump by flashing the factory images (and erasing all your data in the process), or wait for the official update to hit your device over-the-air in the coming minutes/days/weeks. Stay tuned.

[Nexus Factory Images]

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