Android vs iOS: hilarious comedian has field day on fanboys [VIDEO]

ronny chieng ios vs android

In our quest to validate our purchase decisions and make ourselves feel better about our smartphone preferences, things often get out of hand. A little shouting. Some back and forth name calling. Even two friends willing to stab each other over the silly argument.

The Android vs iOS war will never die as long as the two operating systems remain relevant, but one comedian puts things into the sort of perspective that would make even the most enraged fanboys take a step back and laugh at themselves. Ronny Chieng addressed the issue in a recent standup show of his, a clip of which you can check out for yourself above (the fun starts at around the 56 second mark).

Beneath a bundle of hilarious jokes about how radical some fanboys are and a dramatic recreation of #bendgate exists a thinly-veiled layer of truth: fanboyism is stupid. Enjoy what you enjoy, and go about your day. Take a couple of minutes out of your morning for a quick laugh by hitting the play button above.

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