Battery Life

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Make your smartphone or tablet last longer! With Battery Life, extending your battery life is as easy as a tap. Switch between pre-set or custom saving modes and make your phone or tablet last longer on a single charge.

Using Battery Life could not be made easier. A single tap is all you need to enable the power-saving mode. Whenever battery runs low or goes down too much then just tap the application to turn on the saving mode.

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Battery Life comes with three pre-set modes, allowing you to choose how much battery life you’d like to save. When you battery is nearly empty, launching the Saving Mode will make your phone last a few extra hours on the remaining charge. The Sleep Mode is perfect for the night, disabling all radios and communications, muting sounds and vibrations and dimming the screen for the night. The last, easily customizable mode adapts to your usage preferences to save as much battery as you need at any given time.

In addition to fine-tuning your phone, Battery Life will display comprehensive statistics about your battery health and statistics, the charging process and type.

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