Cached Pages

Have you ever been trying to find an answer to a question and you find the answer in a Google search, and you click the link to find out the page is not loading?  Either the website is down, or the account was closed.

Fortunately, our friends at Google do a little trick called Caching websites. What this means is that Google saves a copy of the entire page as they go out and “index” websites, for use in their search engine.  The cool trick part of this is that you can access these files a couple of different ways.

The easiest way to view this page is to click on the tiny down arrow right after the URL and you will get a popup with a couple of options.  One of these options is Cache.

google1Once you click on that it will load their cached version of the site, with a little disclaimer at the top:


For all of the command line people out there, you can also add the following to the beginning of the URL in the address bar of your browser:


Although it might not be a perfect fix, hopefully it helps you along the way!

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