CD Boot Woes

So I established that this $20 Mac I bought has a DVD drive in it, at least, but the problem I am having is that I can’t get it to boot anything. I have a Tiger upgrade CD and DVD disk and I am burning a PowerPC Ubuntu disk right now to test.

I have tried multiple disks, all of the bootup shortcuts: Holding C, Holding Option.  The main downside is that my monitor is in storage and I have it hooked up to the TV, so it does a weird “No Signal” for the 1st part of the boot and then comes on at the desktop. So the problem being that I can’t see anything on the screen to tell me if there is a menu or anything like that.

I guess my 2 options are to try and internally install another cd/dvd drive. Also I am going to dig out my 75 pound monitor (19 inch CRT) from storage if all else fails…

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