Chipotle teams up with Postmates to deliver foil-wrapped heaven straight to your door

Chipotle ride

Chipotle is arguably one of the greatest inventions of modern day times. Not the sauce, mind you. We’re talking about that fine eatery that serves up piping fresh Mexican-esque food by the pound. Until Chipotles start popping up on every street corner with a drive-thru window, they’re not exactly the most convenient place to grab a quick bite.

Anyone stuck at work or watching the kids, like us, has probably dreamed of the day Chipotle would make home deliveries. Well, that time is now. During their Q1 2015 earnings call, Chipotle officially revealed that they’ve teamed up with anything-delivery service (food, household goods, etc.) Postmates to hand deliver those wonderful custom built burritos/bowls/tacos straight to your door.

Online and mobile deliveries are already taking place in 67 different cities where Postmates currently operates, although it apparently caps delivery costs to around $5 to $8 depending on distance. At $10 for a decked out burrito alone, you could be paying almost double just to have it delivered to your couch.

In either case, you may want to sign up for a Postmates, even if it’s not available in your city quite yet. With over $500,000 worth of Chipotle orders already delivered, it’s clear someone out there is buying.

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