Chromecast support officially arrives on FOX Now, FXNow, CBS All Access, and more

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The Chromecast is about to get a slew of new content. Google revealed today that their affordable little dongle is now officially supported by a handful of new TV streaming services, as well as their Android apps on Google Play.

Announced on the official Google Chrome Blog, streaming on FOX Now, FXNow, CBS All Access, HGTV, Pluto TV, or Haystack will now display that familiar Chromecast icon on the video controls. If castin’ from your computer is more convenient, you should have no problem when visiting any of the new respective websites above.

Of course, not all the above services are free, so you may have to subscribe to enjoy some of their shows on your Chromecast. While the Chromecast is probably the best $35 we’ve ever spent on a video streaming device, we’re still anxiously awaiting the Chromecast V2 with 5GHz support. Hopefully that’s coming very soon.

To check out all the apps and services that officially support the Chromecast, check out Google’s full list here.

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