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News of a new healthy snack food. Cinch® Snack Crisps which will be available in Sea Salt flavor, or Barbecue Flavor. A nice way to indulge in a little treat without all of the bad for you stuff. Check out the below post from the Shaklee Blog for more details:

(Plus check out the link to the snack bars at the bottom of the page for some healthy alternatives that are available to you now.)

It’s 3 pm. You’re hungry. And let’s face it, dinner seems like it’s a year away. You think twice before grabbing a snack because you’re trying hard to lose weight or you simply don’t want to “ruin your appetite” before dinner. Eventually hunger wins and you reach for some cookies or chips. Before you know it, you’ve devoured the entire box or bag!
Well it looks like you’re not alone.  American adults are snacking more than ever and based on the latest statistics I’ve read, snacking accounts for almost 1/4 of our daily calorie intake.  And while it’s true that traditional snacks are usually high in salt, fat and sugar, healthful snacking is possible. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a new product we just introduced at our annual Global Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Coming soon, we will have a brand new addition to our Cinch® product line – Cinch® Snack Crisps. Baked to perfection, these crunchy, savory snack chips give a whole new meaning to healthy snacking! They come in two great flavors – sea salt and barbecue. They have 100 calories per serving, 7 grams of hunger-fighting protein, 2 grams of fiber and contain no trans fats. They’re also gluten free and have a low glycemic index.  Finally, a healthy savory-type snack that not only tastes fabulous but is good for you and your entire family!
So remember to choose your snacks wisely. Think of them as mini-meals and fit them in to a healthy eating plan without over doing it on your daily calorie intake. Remember to snack only when you feel hungry not just because you’re bored or stressed. Watch your portion sizes. Avoid eating snacks directly from the big box or bag.  Have a single serving snack (like our Cinch® Snack Crisps!) so you have more control over your calories. Another great strategy is to think ahead. Keep a variety of healthful snacks around at all times, that way when you do get hungry you won’t be tempted by the high salt, high fat, high sugar and snacks that may be lurking nearby.

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 Plus take a look at the Shaklee Cinch snack bars that we offer here:

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