Clavis Keyboard brings a PC-like experience to your Android tablet

There may be numerous keyboard apps available for Android but there’s not one that can be compared with any PC keyboards. Not that there’s a great need and demand for that but there are people who prefer such layout especially for tablets where they can type more on a bigger screen. Imagine a PC keyboard being used on your tablet screen but with modified hotkeys. I think this is the kind of experience the Clavis Keyboard can offer you.

The Clavis Keyboard features keys where you usually expect them to be. The layout is very familiar. Hotkeys commonly used like select all or copy-paste-cut are similar to how you use them on your computer. The new hotkeys come in handy because they make typing easier. You can insert text macro 0 to 9 by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Number, open new e-mail and paste selected text (Ctrl+M), search for selected text on Google (Ctrl+G), End (Ctrl+Right arrow), and Home (Ctrl+Left arrow) among others.

The Clavis Keyboard even features several themes according to your preference but the developer Theophrast said more will be added soon. Right now, different layouts are available: US, GB, IT, BE, HU, DE, FR (United States, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, France).

The updated Clavis Keyboard app also now allows you to change size of the keyboard, activate Caps Lock with a long press, insert a period with double-tap, and navigate the cursor with CTRL+Arrows. Keyboard app is free to download but there’s also the Clavis Keyboard Pro available for $2.99.

Clavis Keyboard 3
Clavis Keyboard 2
Clavis Keyboard 1

Download Clavis Keyboard from the google Play Store

VIA: XDA Developers

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