Color Tap – Matching Game

Color Tap – color bursting, brain tickling, and reaction testing game. Got some free time? Why not train your brain and reaction with Color Tap by matching dot color to background color. The game is very simple to play but hard to master. Don’t miss out on the best color matching game and check it out for free.

Color Tap gameplay:
The game has very simple controls. Simply tap on a colored background while the same color dot is on it. It is so simple that even children could enjoy Color Tap and improve their brain to eye to hands coordination and reaction. The game becomes harder over time, with changing background colors and color dots increase their speed of movement.
Make sure you tap when color dots are inside the marked are in the middle of the screen to double your points, earn two points instead of one to progress further and faster.

Benefits of playing Color Tap:
The game is designed to help increase player’s brain productivity and reaction by putting them in tricky situation and make them react quickly. It also improves the efficiency and speed of right decision making which could be one of the best skills to have in the real life. Color tap features a great selection of amazing palettes of color that will brighten your day and improve your mood. It is proved that vibrant colors improve overall mood and sets the brain to work better, faster and more efficient. But the best part is that it is free.

Game features:
★ Super Colorful and simple design. – Color Tap is designed with simplicity in mind, bringing exceptional and fun gaming experience.
★ Easy to learn – hard to master. It will definitely take some time to become good at the game, unless you are ninja with exceptional reaction already.
★ Simple controls – just tap away. Simply tap to match dot and background colors.
★ Evolving gameplay. Over time Background and dot colors change and dot speed increase to make the game more challenging and fun.
★ Competitive Leaderboards. Compete with your friends and other people and post your best scores on the leaderboards to become and ultimate color ninja.
★ Great music and effects. We have produced a special sound track for the game to help players focus and improve their best scores easier.
★ Completely free game with a chance to remove ads.
★ Designed for both phones and tablets. Enjoy Color Tap on any device, regardless of the screen size.

So what are you waiting for, download this best color matching game totally for FREE and start improving your brain efficiency and reaction right now.

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