Cyanogen OS to get caller ID integration thanks to Truecaller partnership

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Cyanogen Inc today announced a new partnership. They’ve teamed up with Truecaller, the makers of a caller ID app that’ll show you unknown callers or identify phone numbers known to be spam. The integration will come at the OS level, says Cyanogen, so there will be no need to download a separate app if caller ID is something you fancy.

That deep integration will also allow the company to integrate the information you’re looking for in a way that makes sense. Whereas a standalone caller ID app might require going into their app to see information about calls that were already placed, you will be able to see that information right from Cyanogen’s built-in dialer.

Contact Card - Business Contact Card - Spam TrueCaller - Incomiing Call - Unknown Business V1 copy TrueCaller - Incomiing Call - Spam Caller TrueCaller - First Time User Dialog Opt Out TrueCaller - First Time User Headsup Opt Out TrueCaller - Incoming Call - Headsup - Spam Caller Copy TrueCaller - Incomiing Call - Spam Caller - Block Caller

Cyanogen says the deal will apply to all future mobile devices that ship with Cyanogen OS globally, and will also be available to tens of millions of existing users via an over-the-air update. We don’t have an exact timeline on when to expect these features to arrive to existing customers, but we imagine it shouldn’t be long if they’re already promising it to be ready for all future Cyanogen devices.

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