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A fast paced restaurant game that has a ton of levels and different locations to keep you interested.Save yourself a few bucks ($3) and download it today!

Name: Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame
Emily and her friend are driving through a strange town when–oh no!–their car breaks down. They don’t have the cash to fix it, so a kindly cafe owner says they can waitress in her place for a few days to earn the money they need. Simple, right?

Going Solo
Well, it might have been if Emily’s friend hadn’t gotten sick. She’ll have to go it alone. Betty quickly trains her and then leaves. Ulp.The first customer walks in. “Here’s your coffee–that’ll be a dollar.” Then another customer enters the cafe. Then two more. Suddenly Emily is running around trying to serve everyone in a timely manner. It’s only her first morning! Can you help Emily handle the rush?.

Game Tips
Delicious-Emily’s Taste of Fame is an entertaining and engrossing game for Android by Real Networks. You quickly learn that waitressing is a tough job. If Emily can do it well she’ll have happy customers and earn her big tips. If she falls behind… let’s just say she might have to work for a long while to get enough money to repair her car.

Help Emily collect trophies such as The Happy Pill, awarded after handling the payments of 500 happy customers. You can earn a variety other achievements, including Break-an-Egg (avoid dropping any eggs in single day), The Rat Pack (get rid of 50 pesky mice), and even a chance to become a TV star! Good luck!

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