Excellent Customer Service

Back in the day when I had a handful of websites that I was running I always used ipower.com to purchase the .com domain name.  Any time I have had a question I have had amazing luck with their service. If I submit a ticket I get a quick
response, or if I do the live chat they take care of it on the spot.

For example: I had forgotten that I owned the domain name opensourcepalm.com up until I received the alert that it was going to expire. The only issue was that I didn’t know my username or password. Within 5 minutes of going to ipower.com my password was reset and the rep was checking everything out to make sure their were no issues.

I am just impressed that the rep would go above and beyond to make sure everything was right. That’s what is missing in most companies customer service model. it’s making sure the customer doesn’t have to come back again and again when it could have been fixed on the first visit.

In short, if you are looking for a domain name check out ipower.com.

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