Facebook Messenger could be adding games in the near future

Facebook Messenger 1

Facebook Messenger officially became its own platform back in March, so we knew the social network geniuses over at Facebook were brainstorming new ways they could add more exciting features into the service. Right now the in-app apps (app-ception) are mostly related to chat like functions, things like adding GIFs, stickers, or video clips — things that enhance conversations.

We thought it was a great idea, even if we weren’t crazy about the idea of the app becoming more bloated than it already is. As reported by The Information, apparently adoption of these new Messenger apps hasn’t lived up to what Facebook (or developers) had hoped. Now it seems the company will look towards gaming to help pour some fuel on the fire and create added interest.

It makes sense too. Just look at all the casual games out there (Words with Friends, or Evil Apples). These are all games that heavily rely on social aspects to connect gamers with each other. Tapping into that could mean added revenue for developers looking to publish titles on Messenger. While the options are nearly endless, these games could face the same pitfalls as current Messenger apps which developers say are having trouble gaining exposure.

Perhaps a stand-alone Messenger app store is in our future?

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