FeedMe lets you find the hottest restaurant deals in your area Reddit-style [New App]

feedme collage

There’s a new app on Google Play from the maker of everyone’s favorite calendar app Today Calendar. FeedMe is its name, and  it’s a crowd-sourced deals curation app that lets folks post the best restaurant deals in their area.

Simply posting the deal isn’t enough, though — users can even upvote them as if they would upvote an interesting post on Reddit. (We did it Reddit!) This would naturally help the best deals for the best restaurants bubble straight to the top.

If you decide you want to take advantage of a deal the app makes it easy to not only call in order to confirm that it’s valid, but also whisk you away to its location on Google Maps so you can plan your drive there for a tasty meal. It’s all decked out in a fit of Material Design, too, so it looks just as good as the food you’ll yearn to eat. Give FeedMe a spin over at Google Play.

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