First Amazon Kindle Fire Phone commercial airs, forgets to show off a single cool hardware feature [VIDEO]

Amazon Fire Phone commercial banner

Amazon and AT&T are busy gearing up for the release the Amazon Kindle Fire Phone next week, but before then, they gotta get the word out. The phone’s first commercial has been uploaded to YouTube and features 2 young children (acting like adults) bragging to nearby adults about their new Kindle Fire Phones.

It’s cute, but doesn’t show off any of the phones unique hardware features — like Firefly which scans over 100 million products, movies, songs, books and more — choosing instead to focus on media content and Amazon’s free 1-year subscription to Amazon Prime. A nice value, but one we don’t imagine will help move units from store shelves.

The phone will be available next Friday, July 25th at your local AT&T store, or through Amazon here . Check out the new video down below.

from Phandroid

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