Fleksy launches theme design contest for users

Fleksy has been doing a good job in keeping users engaged through various features and offers that they’ve been launching the past few months. The virtual keyboard market, while small, is incredibly competitive, and so you’d need all the marketing leverage to get a leg up on your peers. The latest thing that Fleksy has done is to launch a theme design contest so designers and users can experiment with the look of the app and get the chance to actually have it published.

If you haven’t been satisfied with the keyboard themes that Fleksy is offering, then you now have a chance to tell them what you think would look really cool. Once all the entries are already in, Fleksy will then choose their 15 favorite designs and post them online, giving users now the chance to vote for what they think is the most “fleksellent” of the submitted designs. The five most popular themes will then be added to the theme store and actually be downloaded by Fleksy users.

The virtual keyboard has recently announced that they will be free forever, meaning users from all platforms will be able to download and use it without purchasing anything. They’ve also added a Highlights feature, where the most popular GIFs, stickers and other rich content can be found when you click the auto-recommend hashtag.

While the app is free itself, it still has an app store where you can purchase extra features and themes. No word though if the winning themes will be free or will cost us a tiny bit to have. Deadline for submission of entries is July 17, 5PM PST.

SOURCE: Fleksy

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