FREE Amazon App for Mon, May 18, 2015: Word to Word (Mega) – A fun and addictive free word association game

Mon, May 18, 2015: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: Word to Word (Mega) – A fun and addictive free word association game!

Application Description:

Challenge yourself with this fun and addictive free word association game.

Hot… Cold.

Smart… Intelligent.

Fire… Truck.

Dog… Cat.

Sugar… Coffee.

Words can be opposite.

Words can mean the same thing.

Words can be compound words.

Words just have to be related!

Be careful though! As puzzles get harder, a word can have multiple matches so you’ll have to get the right combination of words to complete each puzzle and solve all the pairs.

Play for a few minutes or a few hours!

Word to Word MEGA comes with one Mega Pack. That’s 440 Puzzles!

Additional Mega Packs are available for purchase as IAPs.

Oh, and there are NO ads!


-Howard and Kyle (MochiBits)

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