FREE Amazon App for Sat, July 11, 2015: factory balls

Sat, July 11, 2015: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: factory balls!

Application Description:

*** 36 NEW bonus levels *** added in the latest update!

The popular browser puzzle game is now on mobile, with more levels, new graphics and new music!

Can you produce the ball on the box in each level of this logical puzzle game?

Contains 44 standard levels and 36 bonus levels: 80 levels of logical thinking!

“Factory Balls is an essential mobile game, I loved this game so much that I wanted it to go on and on and on.” –

“Straightforward and deceptively tough, Factory Balls is perfect for players who crave a mental workout. It’s simple, attractive to look at, and refreshingly tricky.” –

“Get ready for a new generation of infuriating, satisfying sphere painting. Its brand of puzzles are perfect for casual on-the-go play.” –

The objective of the game is to change the shape and colour of a white ball and match a picture pasted on the side of the open box, by using the ball with a set of different tools provided.

Can you produce the ball on the box in each level?

Drag and drop the ball over the tools or just tap the tools.

The game supports all Android screen sizes (phones and tablets) and was featured by Amazon!

Factory Balls is a bontegames game by Bart Bonte, the game you know from coolmath, hoodamath and many other gamesites, but completely redesigned for mobile with new graphics and many new levels.

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