FREE Amazon App for Sat, May 2, 2015: The Lost City

Sat, May 2, 2015: Today’s free Amazon android app of the day is: The Lost City!

Application Description:

Grandma was right. Nobody really believed her, not even you. For years she regaled you with magical bedtime stories of her adventures as an archeologist. You cuddled closer and listened with wide eyes as she told of her most enchanting discovery–The Lost City.

A mysterious power is calling from the ruins, and Grandma knows why, but is now too old to handle the mission. Inspired by classic choose-your-own-adventure games, you must return to the sleeping ruins and bring with you the artifact that is the heart of the civilization, once wrongfully removed from the sacred land.

Returning the Sacred Heart

Legend has it, those who once lived amongst the now crumbling ruins could somehow control the seasons. You must return the missing piece and discover the magical powers that still exist among the silent and majestic land.

Shrouded by a lush forest and veiled by cascading waterfalls, The Lost City has never surrendered its location to a map. You must navigate your way through the forest, picking up clues as you go. Collect artifacts and solve puzzles to open stone doors, or safely slip beneath a waterfall, to discover another step on your journey through an ancient civilization.

Discovering the Secrets of a Civilization

As you stumble across symbols, clues, and artifacts, you’ll store them safely in your knapsack and take notes in your journal. You’ll map each new destination, so when you find the answer to a puzzle from a previous encounter, you can easily make your way back to it and reveal its secret.

Rediscovering The Lost City, last touched by your own grandmother, is a beautiful adventure. With stunning graphics and an original soundtrack that transports you through time, it’s easy to get lost in challenging yet soothing gameplay.

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