Geeksphone calls it quits, Spanish manufacturer out of smartphone biz

After six years and six separate smartphone models, Geeksphone has announced that it is getting out of the smartphone business. The Spanish smartphone manufacturer is one of the few Europe-based mobile makers – jumping into the business as a startup that built handsets for an active enthusiast community (hence the name). But all of that has come to an end.

The official announcement was made in its user forum (check the source link below) and that is where the manufacturer offered its reasons for calling it quits. It said that the mobile business has moved forward to a point where serving a niche geek community is no longer viable for the company. In no small words, the company is just not earning enough to be viable. “The reality of the company today is very different from what it was in the beginning, since the concept of innovation based on a passionate geek community, talented and creative, has now much less sense and it is a differentiation, which currently generates little interest in the mobile environment in relation to the 2009 date of our creation,” the company said in the forum post.


We know that the company created at least six handsets, and also looked into the Firefox OS for one of their phones. They even built a multi-OS phone, in the sense that the user could choose whether it wanted Android or Firefox as the device OS out of the box. They never hyped on sales, and so we can’t really be sure how many phones the company sold over the past 6 six years.


That said, the company declared that it will be making its code open source so that it can be used by the community. Geeksphone’s co-founder, Rodrigo Silva-Ramos, has moved on to other platforms, particularly the “geeks!me” wearables brand. Its first product is an activity tracker and will probably come out in the next few months.

SOURCE: Geeksphone

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