Google Chrome’s “Canary” dev channel can now be downloaded from Google Play

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Google Chrome is always available in a few different states. One of those states is stable, and it has the latest features stable and fit enough for your everyday user. There’s also the beta channel, which brings you many new features ahead of their arrival to the stable channel.

But did you know there’s a third channel where you can be on the most bleeding edge of bleeding edge? It’s the “canary” channel, otherwise known as the dev channel. That channel is now available to download from Google Play if you’re brave enough to do so.

We say “brave” because although the development channel can be great for experiencing the latest Chrome features sooner than everyone else, it’s so bleeding edge that sometimes it is in a state not fit to be a daily driver. I personally haven’t had much of an issue with the development channel of the desktop version of Google Chrome, but the possibility of broken, incomplete and buggy features is always present.

But if you have not a care for that and just want to check out Google’s latest ideas and features as soon as they start working on them you can head right here to download it.

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