Google Glass partner Luxottica says version 2 coming soon, version 3 already in planning

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It was barely over a year ago Google announced a partnership with Italian eyewear maker Luxottica –the folks behind brands as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, Oliver-Peoples, and more — to build Glass compatible eyewear for the masses.

More recently, we watched as the Google Glass Explorer Edition finally came to an end (after a bumpy, and very controversial first run). But Google made it a point to stress that Glass was, in fact, not dead, and merely graduating from the Google X Labs into its own project under watchful eye of Nest CEO Tony Fadell. What we don’t know is what form Glass will take, or when we can expect to see a sequel.

Apparently that could be sooner than later according to Luxottica CEO Massimo Vian. He mentioned during a shareholders meeting that the next version of Glass was coming soon and what’s more, they’re already planning out a third followup. You heard right, Google Glass v3.

“In Google, there are some second thoughts on how to interpret [Google Glass] version three. What you saw was version one. We’re now working on version two, which is in preparation.”

Of course no specific dates were given, so for now we’re left wondering if that coming soon is later this year (Google I/O?), or sometime next year. We think Glass was a product well ahead of its time and there’s no harm in letting bake in the oven a little longer.


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