Google reportedly working on better battery technology

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We see improvements in all areas of tech each and every day, but the trickiest problem to tackle by far is that of the battery. Battery technology of today just isn’t keeping up with these fast iterations in tech, and while companies have resorted to fast charging technologies to make up for it, Google seemingly isn’t satisfied with that.

The company is reportedly exploring improved battery technology in the comfy confines of their X Labs department, according to the Wall Street Journal. Details from the report are scarce, though we do know the team is comprised of four engineers, including a former Apple expert on battery technology.

While we all simply want better batteries in our smartphones, Google’s end-game is to develop the technology for life-enhancing industries which are still growing such as robotics, medical accessories and driver-less vehicles.

As it stands, any improvement to battery technology will be good for anything that has anything to do with portable electronics, so we’re sure everyone the world over will be rooting Google on to see if they can make significant progress in a much lacking area. Fingers crossed that the brilliant minds at the Googleplex can come up with anything of substance.

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