Google said to be close to making Android Wear compatible with iOS

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Odd balls out there who cling to iOS for their primary smartphone platform but aren’t particularly interested in the Apple Watch will appreciate this news. According to information received by The Verge, Google is quite close on finishing the technical implementation that will allow Android Wear to work with the iPhone.

We’d heard Google was working on adding support for iOS to Android Wear before, though scattered code references did little to make us believe it was of primary importance for them.

And although Google might have hurdled all the technical obstacles in their way, there’s still the issue of logistics. Will Apple even allow it? If functionality has to be managed through an iOS app, the only official way to get such an app would be through Apple’s App Store. Getting an app through the App Store requires Apple to approve it. Getting Apple to approve an app hinges on some strict terms, one of which prohibits apps which make mention of competing platforms.

“Android” Wear doesn’t stand a very good chance, now does it? Couple all of that with the fact that Apple has their own smart watch coming up soon and we’d have a hard time believing they’d allow such a thing. We’ll have to wait for Google’s word to see how, exactly, they plan to make this happen.

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