Google Search will now show a download link for indexed apps that aren’t on your phone

google app indexing apps result

Google’s app indexing feature for Android apps is a great way for content creators to make their goods more accessible. If you don’t know what it does, it allows Google’s Search engine to index articles within a news app, so that if a user searches for something and happens to come across a link from one of their favorite websites, they can open that article within that app.

Google’s improving the feature with a new tweak to Google Search results that will now let you know if a search result is indexed in an Android app, and will prompt you to download that app if it isn’t already on your phone. It’s a great way for publications to get new readers, and for users to learn about an app that they may not have known of otherwise.

Over 30 billion links have been indexed to date, and with how big mobile has become a part of our lives that number is only going to grow. Good on Google for figuring out a way for apps to become relevant search results instead of the typical blue link parade we’re used to.

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