Google’s Handwriting Input keyboard lets you enter text by writing

googe handwriting keyboard

Tapping on keys might be more natural for most people than actually writing in this day and age, but for those who miss the days of pen and paper Google’s latest app is for you. It’s the Handwriting Input keyboard, a simple app that lets you input text simply by writing it out.

While typing might be faster for most people, a handwriting solution can be more comfortable and natural for those who write in languages that are more complicated, such as Asian languages and Arabic. It works all the same no matter which language you want to write in, though, so even if it would be a novelty for you it’s a cool keyboard alternative to download.

It comes with 82 common languages, which should be enough to cover most of the Android user base. Go ahead and give it a try by grabbing it from Google Play right here.

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