Huawei again rumored to be working on new Nexus smartphone

Now that we’re into the summer, the Nexus rumors are going to start heating up, and today we’ve got a spark to help start that roaring rumor flame.

According to The Information, Huawei is working with Google on a new Nexus smartphone that’ll debut this fall. Additionally, it’s said that the two companies are working on an app store for China, where users are unable to download content from Google Play due to government regulations.

A rumor from earlier this year claimed that Google is actually working on two new Nexus phones for 2015, one from LG and one from Huawei. The LG is expected to be the smaller of the two, offering a 5.2-inch display with a Snapdragon 808, making it sound like an updated Nexus 5. Meanwhile, the Huawei phone will reportedly offer a Snapdragon 810 and 5.7-inch display, making it an option for phablet fans.

If these rumors hold true, Huawei’s Nexus phone will be its first attempt at creating a Nexus handset. And while we’ll have to wait until we get it in our hands before making any judgments about it, Huawei has made some attractive handsets in the past, and so it’ll be interesting to see what its first Nexus phone looks like.

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