HURRY: $209 for the Motorola DROID Ultra at Amazon until 3PM Central


One of Motorola’s best phones from 2013 is now on sale for a mere $209 at Amazon. It”s the Motorola DROID Ultra, and this bad boy is on a lightning deal that’s set to expire soon. Like, “3PM top of the hour” soon.

We reviewed this bad boy back when it was still the new kid on the block and found that it was an excellent top-line smartphone for its time despite not having the gaudy Snapdragon 600 and a 1080p display. Don’t take too long reading our review, though, because the current price could evaporate before you even realize it.

PS: Note that this smartphone is only intended for use on Verizon Wireless. Don’t purchase it if you don’t plan to use it with Verizon service.

Motorola DROID Turbo for $209 at Amazon

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