Hyandai is the first car manufacturer to offer Android Auto in a production vehicle, starting with the 2015 optSonatas

hyundai sonata 2015

It’s been possible to get Android Auto in your car for a couple of months now, but we’re still waiting on the first car to offer the smart vehicle system as standard. Wait no more: Hyundai has announced that they’re taking those honors with the 2015 Sonata.

The best part is that you can get the goods even if you already own the 2015 Sonata. Official Hyundai dealers can help you get the update as soon as today if you stop in, though if you don’t mind waiting you can apply it via a simple software update over USB later this summer.

Android Auto requires a phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop for the deepest level of integration, so if you don’t already have it then you should look into options — official or otherwise — for updating whichever phone you have. Here’s a quick summary of everything Android Auto does to help make your time on the road safe:

  • The Google Now card-based experience provides suggested locations and travel times based on the user’s searches, calendar entries and home and office locations, as well as weather information and “now playing” information for music streamed via the phone
  • App software (navigation, streaming music, etc.) is automatically updated because the apps live on the phone
  • Natural voice recognition with Google voice actions
  • Owners can easily bring their personal reminders, suggested destinations, calendar appointments and music preferences with them when they get in their car
  • Android Auto automatically pairs with the for phone calls through Bluetooth when connected for the first time via USB
  • Android Auto has familiar interfaces that are easy to use and have almost no learning curve

Let’s hope others will follow suit soon enough.

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