iFixIt’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge teardown shows it’s nearly impossible to repair

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08445

We’ve already seen how hard it is to take apart a Samsung Galaxy S6 thanks to its dual-sided glass design, so surely the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is in the same ballpark, no? iFixIt confirms that much in their latest teardown.

In fact, it’s predictably even more difficult to disassemble and repair than the Samsung Galaxy S6 thanks to the unique construction and engineering that had to happen for the device’s Edge display. The device’s battery is actually glued to the flexible display, and iFixIt says that it’s incredibly difficult to remove the front pane of glass without shattering both the glass slab and the display unit itself.

samsung galaxy s6 edge teardown

This forced them to give the Galaxy S6 Edge a 3/10 on the repairability scale, with 10 being the easiest. This tells us it likely isn’t going to be the best idea to try your hand at a home repair should you ever need it, so be sure to keep Samsung’s customer service number handy. Be sure to check out the full teardown at the jump!

[via iFixIt]

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