I’m wondering if an over the top negative review on Google is going too far.

I wrote this review tonight after experiencing the poor service this morning. An appointment was made. I was assured they had the parts and after driving 20 minutes towards their location I am told that they don’t have the parts.

The fix to their problem is obvious – lose the call center and hire someone locally to answer your own calls and make the appointment.

I called Pep Boys, moments later, and reached a real person that worked at their location and they personally checked stock and verified an installer was available. Set up an appointment to come I any time within the next couple of hours. Install was done (along with a much overdue oil change) in less than 2 hours. Was very impressed.

I guess I feel that the bad uhaul review is justified as long as I do the same for Pep Boys and write them up a good review. I suddenly feel guilty for not doing that I. The first place.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear some opinions…

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