Instagram puts a ban on bare butts with newly revised community guidelines

Peach butt

There seems to be a major butt fetish going around these days, more so than ever. Hey, I wont judge. If that’s the sorta thing you’re into, you’ll probably be seeing a lot less of it on Instagram. The Facebook-owned social network revised some of their community guidelines today, adding wording that specifically outlines their ban on “nudity.” We’re sorry to tell you, but bare butts — not matter how artistic — are included. Sir-Mix-A-Lot is rolling in his grave (wait — he’s still alive?). Here’s the direct quote:

“This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks.”

The Community Guidelines also updated their “don’t be rude section” detailing various forms of harassment which include “encouraging violence or attacking” anyone based on religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or anything else. In other words: don’t be a dick. It’s something that will take you far in life, but people always have difficulty heeding on the internet.

With more and more young’ins flocking to Instagram, it’s probably better this way. We will note that photos of breast feeding or mastectomy scars are still allowed, so feel free to continue posting those.

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