Interval Timer: HIIT & Tabata

So you’re looking for some HIIT interval timer that you’ll always have with you? Do you need something to schedule your tabata exercises, something for interval training or simply your old fitness timer is broken? Look no further, cause you’ve just found it! New Interval Timer is for all interested in tabata, high intensity interval training workout (hiit workout) or circuit training workout. It also can be used for boxing workout, running, cycling, sprint, weightlifting, HIIT and basically anything that needs proper timing. This app will help you get the results you always wanted.

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– Create your own circuit training by combining intervals
– Reorder intervals simply by long click and dragging them up or down in the list
– Add one interval at a time or whole circuit training at once
– Set own sounds, vibrations for each interval
– Pick from range of designs
– Each interval will be announced during workout
– Log your workouts and export logs to csv file
– Calculate approximate energy expenditure based on MET values
– Gain achievements as you workout
– Import and Export to cloud
– Download and Upload your workouts to the cloud
– Share your workouts with friends

Simply create timers for your training schedule by defining your preparation, workout, rest and cooldown durations. If your workout doesn’t fit this template of four independent intervals just add each interval with custom name, duration and sounds individually. It is also possible to create dynamic training plans in which every round and rest time can be longer or shorter. This way you can create any workout you desire.

You can easily share your workout with friends or simply upload them to the cloud for the entire world to use. Download any workout others have created by using filters for training duration and sort them as you like.

Why should you work out with this app? Not only you’ll feel wonderful after a workout, with this app your training will be logged and you can easily see the statistics of how you work out. You can see the date and a time when you finished, total duration, how much time you’ve spent working out and resting and how many calories you’ve burned. Calories are calculated based on your weight using MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) constant for each interval. There is a possibility to export your workout logs to csv file and use them in app / program of your choosing.

And did I mention achievements? As you work out, you gain achievements. It keeps you motivated and you can show them to your friends, so they can envy you :) Achievements are simply awesome.

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