Is Google unveiling their wireless service today?


Google hasn’t been shy enough not to reveal that they’ve been working on launching a wireless service, but the company has understandably been a bit hush on the details. But if the Wall Street Journal’s information is accurate we could be seeing Google’s first unveiling as soon as today.

Previous rumors and information suggest Google will enlist T-Mobile and Sprint for the airwaves necessary for wireless service, though it won’t be your typical MVNO experience. We’re told to expect innovative cellular capabilities such as the ability to seamlessly hop from one network type to the next without any hiccups, and for the phone to automatically detect which network performs better in any given area. Leveraging WiFi calling will also be an area of focus for Google.

More details about the service leaked earlier this month thanks to the revelation of an app called “Project Fi.” It told of wireless service that could be switched between multiple different devices without switching SIM cards, data buckets where you only pay for the exact amount of data you use, the ability to opt-out of cellular data sharing and other cool features that most carriers have yet to explore.

It’s important to remember that Google’s not expecting to become king of wireless overnight with this move. Their desire is to help push cellular technology forward much in the same way that they’re doing for cars and broadband landline internet here in the United States. Good on them to think about the greater good, we’d say, and we can’t wait to see what exactly they have planned for its supposed launch later this year.

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