Juicy Clouds

How to play:

• Connect at least three juicy clouds of the same color to make them rain
• Release the rain over the glasses to fill them up with juice
• Let the picnic begin!

Juicy Clouds ad-free with 80 coins drops from $3.99 to FREE!

• Over 100 super fun, challenging and juicy levels
• Active level-designers keep adding new levels as you progress
• Secret levels hidden around the Internet for you to collect
• Secret juice drinks hidden in the game. Mix and discover!
• Relaxing sounds
• Flat, clean graphics
• Connect your Facebook account in order to save progress between devices
• Play with friends, use Facebook to see your friends scores and progress or brag about your level wins!
• No time rushed levels, keep calm and figure out your next move.
• No unhealthy candy or jelly, just fresh, clean juice! :)

Juicy Clouds is a tile-matching game where you have to think one step further. You don’t just have to remove the clouds, you also have to plan where they rain.

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